The Right Platform to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

InBizWorks can help your organization serve more people, grow more businesses, and automate reporting about program success.

User friendly, your branding, integrates with your existing programs.

Designed to Support Economic Development

Online Business Accelerator

Your Self-Service Entrepreneur Support Portal

Accessible 24/7 providing support, access, and resources

Community Engagement Features, Shared Calendar, Groups and Forums, Job Board, and many other social functions

Super user-friendly and localizable to meet the needs of special groups

Automatically Generates Custom Reports and Templates

Our mission is to help people start and grow small businesses with a user-friendly platform that meets them where they are and helps them get in business – NOW.

A Solution That Integrates with Your Programs

Startup Roadmap

The inBizWorks platform provides value by:

  1. Demystifying the process of starting a new business
  2. Training in the essential elements of early-stage business development
  3. Development of professional skills required to build a successful company
  4. Support in the development of the interpersonal skills required to create a high-performance culture and lead in a high-performance environment.
  5. Generating data to quantify the impact of our efforts on the entrepreneurs we support and their organizations.

Integrates with SalesForce

Generates Reports

The InBizWorks Platform Collects Data in the Background

Tracks clients progress and achievements

Automates communications through notifications

Collects first-hand information about clients business development

Shares data with SalesForce for reporting

Secure Encrypted Data

All user data is secured, member-only. Members share data to help one another.


Friendly Financials

Business financials are supportive and user-friendly.


Integration with Salesforce

Client content and program usage metrics are aggregated and accessible in SalesForce


24/7 Community Support

Businesses that are incubated stand an 87% better chance of success. That’s the value of a private business community.


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The next-generation business development platform for data driven EDOs, CDFIs, and entrepreneur programs.

Proudly built and growing in New Mexico.


Secure platform

Startup Roadmap

Custom Documents and Templates

Obtain LLC and EIN Numbers

GRT Tutorial and Signup

Integration with Salesforce for Data Access and Reports



Developer Center




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